Bodice 10:28 23 Apr 06

Have a Good day all

  hzhzhz 10:38 23 Apr 06

You too Bodice.

  singalong 13:04 23 Apr 06

Happy St George's Day!!

  PurplePenny 13:29 23 Apr 06

We're off to White Horse Hill to visit Dragon Hill which is where St George is supposed to have killed the dragon (there is a patch on the top where grass never grows which is supposed to be where the dragon's blood fell).

If anyone goes up there I'll be the one with purple(ish) hair and wearing a white rose.

Happy St George's Day

  Forum Editor 13:48 23 Apr 06

Have a good trip - I seem to recall that it can be pretty windy up there, and decidedly inhospitable in the rain. It's pouring here right now, and my wife's decided to go walking on hampstead heath with a friend. I think I'll stay dry and warm.

  big bloke66 16:28 23 Apr 06

I could do with st george.....me mother in law is paying a visit .
All the best.

  pj123 17:36 23 Apr 06

Strange isn't it. I said to my partner this morning "It's St Georges day today" She said "So what!"

Every other country respects/celebrates their special day. St Patrick, St Andrew, St David etc.

We, the British say. "Sorry, we're British, we don't do that sort of thing".

  PUNKA 17:50 23 Apr 06

Well here in Brum we do celebrate it,and very well too,the last 2 years the council and the local radio have put a roadshow on in tha city centre and all are welcome.This evening at the ICC there is a concert celebrating being English and St George so come on everybody and clebrate OUR Patron Saint.

  PUNKA 17:52 23 Apr 06

Should read CELEBRATE (too much real ale) english of course.

  bluto1 18:24 23 Apr 06

Have a very happy one, especially with a drop of the hard stuff tonight.
bb1, a relative of the leprachauns.

  anchor 19:11 23 Apr 06

Sorry Bodice, I have been out all day and did not see your posting. I just made another on the same theme:

click here

pj123: It not the "British" who are modest about celebrating St. George`s day, only the English!. The other Brits celebrate their days.

Being half English and half Welsh I get two celebration days.

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