wee eddie 10:13 07 Jan 09

Interesting really!

Almost all the recent versions of Hallelujah, use it in the Religious "Glorification of the Lord" sense.

However, in the original song the word, "Hallelujah", is used as a cynical sigh of relief. Very far from any religious connection.

What do others think. These songs are very pretty but miss the point!

  interzone55 10:34 07 Jan 09

Leonard Cohen is a Jewish Buddhist, so I always wondered about this song.

In Cohen's original version of the song there is mention of David and Samson, but in a later live recording biblical references are dropped and the song is far more sexual.

I have heard that Cohen has written about 80 verses to the song, and covers much more of the Old Testament...

  laurie53 19:38 07 Jan 09

How can you be a Jewish Buddhist?

That's like being a Christian Muslim, or a Hindu Sikh.

  interzone55 20:27 07 Jan 09

Easy, he's a Jew but converted to Buddhism.

click here

  Forum Editor 23:01 07 Jan 09

used to exhort a congregation to praise God, and I imagine that Leonard Cohen is as entitled as anyone else to use it in the context he did in the song.

I wouldn't personally have described its use in the original Cohen lyrics as 'a cynical sigh of relief'.

  laurie53 07:13 08 Jan 09

Then he's a Buddhist, not a Jew.

If you're bothered about religion at all, you can only have one.

Cassius Clay was a Christian who converted to Islam and became Muhammed Ali.

That made him a Muslim, not a Christian Muslim.

  wee eddie 09:34 08 Jan 09

Interestingly, you may be wrong there, Jewishness is a matter of Birth.

I'm a bit shaky on my ground here, but I seem to remember a Court Case relating to whether someone who had converted to Judaism was a Jew or not and the Hasidim Court, decided "Not".

  canarieslover 09:34 08 Jan 09

I don't agree that he is using it as a sigh of relief. I don't agree that he is a singer either.

  interzone55 09:58 08 Jan 09

That's correct, you're a Jew by birth, not conversion, so if a Jew converts to another religion, they're still a Jew.


I don't think anyone was under the illusion that Leonard Cohen can sing, it's poetry set to music...

  laurie53 12:42 08 Jan 09

You get your nationality from birth, not your religion.

Judaism is a religion, not a nationality.

Following the birth logic above, we should all be Catholics, since all of our ancestors were born Catholics, and they could not convert, or should we all be Jews, or even druids or pagans?

The conviction that a Jew is a Jew is a Jew for all time is the basic tenet of antisemitism.

  wee eddie 13:00 08 Jan 09

Actually it's a basic tenet of the Jewish Faith and has nothing to do with the rest of us.

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