Durham 21:15 06 Jul 04

I last visited this site about 3 years ago - I've been in a coma. Imagine my surprise at waking up to find (a) that the promised high tech revolution never happened and that I would have been better off investing in cement or reality TV (b) Guy, once the darling of these forums, is now Acting Editor of the whole kaboodle. Well done Guy!

Any other forum old timers here writing under new pseudonyms?

  Forum Editor 23:37 06 Jul 04

writing under old identities as well as new ones. I'm one of them, but that's another story. I was also here three years ago (and more), so I would probably recall you, although I see you only registered with us a couple of days ago, so you'll need to remind me of your own previous identity.

The "promised high-tech revolution" took place everywhere else, so you must have been in a time warp as well as a coma.

Guy Dixon will be delighted to learn that he was "once the darling of these forums" by the way.

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