Gut wrenching medal!!

  Al94 20:36 05 Jan 09

Anybody else as disgusted by this as I am? If Blair had an ounce of sense, he would refuse to accept but he'll take anything from his old mate! click here

  canarieslover 20:39 05 Jan 09

Certainly makes me feel like throwing up.

  laurie53 20:43 05 Jan 09

What's the problem?

He's getting it for being a staunch ally of the US.

No-one can deny that.

Whether he should have been, of course, is another matter!

  natdoor 22:36 05 Jan 09

I suppose that those who feel that Blair made the wrong decision on Iraq, incidentally along with all our politicians but for the Lib Dems and several Labour MPs, feel that things would be better had we not supported the US. Certainly they would have gone it alone and the bloodshed in Iraq could well have been worse. All the thousands of Iraqis whom Blair is accused of killing would have died anyway. Of course, it would have been better for our men who gave their lives and for their families and loved ones. Also we might be better liked in some quarters, but probably not well enough to win the Eurovision Song Contest. This must be balanced against the harm which it would have done to US/UK relations, had we not supported them, especially after 9/11.

  bluto1 22:37 05 Jan 09


  Bapou 22:52 05 Jan 09

"Their efforts to bring hope and freedom to people around the globe have made their nations, America and the world community a safer and more secure world. "

Really? Could have fooled me!

Will Mr Blair have the time to accept his award? Surely he will be busy sorting out the Gaza crisis!

  perpetual motion 00:00 06 Jan 09

One minute i liked him then i didnt then i did its all down to the media i belive so im "on the fence again here"

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