Guest at Christmas

  ukpostcode 18 Dec 11

I'm a guest at my aunts for Christmas, what should I take with me? Already have presents etc, but was thinking of wine/champagne & chocolates? Anyone have any ideas or views on what to take?

  Forum Editor 18 Dec 11

Why don't you ask her?

That might go down far better than turning up with something she already has.

  lucky1 18 Dec 11

Nice wee bunch of flowers would be my suggestion.

  Aitchbee 18 Dec 11

Small houseplants are a nice option.

I split up my big YUCCA into eleven small yuccas 18 months ago.

Somebody is a-gettin' a yucca for Christmas!

  Armchair 18 Dec 11

Toothbrush, whisky, and cigarettes.

  Forum Editor 18 Dec 11

We are having guests for Christmas this year, and if one of them turns up with a pot-plant or a bunch of flowers I think they'll get a muted reception.

What we want - and I suspect many others feel the same way - are practical items like bottles of champagne and things we can eat.

  Aitchbee 18 Dec 11

FE - I will have to rethink my strategy.(Christmas prezzies)

ukpostcode - plants and bottles of drink might be better!...thanks FE.

...and some sweeties.

  ukpostcode 18 Dec 11

Well i think i will go with champagne & a decent box of chocolates. Thanks for the advice.

  lotvic 18 Dec 11

Basket of fruit and box of crackers.

  WhiteTruckMan 18 Dec 11

A willingness to roll up your sleeves and get stuck into the washing up usually goes down well, I think.


  badgery 18 Dec 11

WTM ".. get stuck into the washing up.."

For Heaven's sake, I'm a man - that's not my job. God gave women small feet just so that they could get closer to the sink - so who am I to argue?


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