That }{@:> Ad again

  HondaMan 20 Jun 11

Is anybody else, like me, fed up with being pounded by that Blackberry Ad which seems to have taken over this site.

I am seriously thinking of going elsewhere - just to get away from it!

  Quickbeam 20 Jun 11

I think if you buy a blackberry it stops. I bought an Android HTC last week and it now shows even more Blackberry ads as a punishment for not buying a Blackberry, but I quite like blackberry jam though...

  buteman 20 Jun 11

Download an add blocker and problem solved.

  Toneman 20 Jun 11

One of my Father's Day cards said "Dad's attempt to text on his new Blackberry...turned out to be fruitless"...

  muddypaws 20 Jun 11

I have Adblock Plus which used to give me an adfree page, but since the Blackberry arrived I can't get rid of it for some reaso..

  m800afc 20 Jun 11

If I am browsing the PCA site, I get the Blackberry ad every time I click the back button. Very annoying. What happened to the "you should only see the ad once per session"?

  Pine Man 20 Jun 11

No Blackberries on Firefox 4 :-))

  Quickbeam 20 Jun 11

...and foxes are quite partial to blackberries when in season.

  muddypaws 20 Jun 11

Having re ticked some PCA boxes in AB+ the Blueberry has vanished. For a while.

  BT 20 Jun 11

Don't think I've ever seen it, but then I use AdBlock.

  muddypaws 20 Jun 11

What is annoying me this evening is that it is taking 30 secs to either go to 'next page' or new thread as my PC is waiting for '' to load up.


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