Group Tests - The new system

  wee eddie 16 Oct 12

I have been fascinated by the new system and, having observed, have reached a conclusion.

There has been the occasional exception to this rule but, in general, it seems to hold true.

In any group tested the higher, but not necessarily the highest, priced items will get the Awards.

This months Smart-Phones is a typical example. 6 phones - 4 at £200, 2 at double the price and the Awards go to. Well, of course they do - they're twice the price, if they weren't better we'd be being ripped off.

Now, had PCA run the article in two parts. 4 @ £200 - which is best, and 2 @ £400 - which is best. We might have learned something.

As it is, those that wish to buy a cheaper phone have a lot of, almost incomparable details, and we all know that if you spend £400 you should get a better one.

I say: Buck your ideas up PCA, before you become extinct!

  wee eddie 16 Oct 12

I purposefully left out comments on the PC Group Tests which follow the above rule slavishly.

Someone buying a Family Computer does not want to know that he can get something better if he doubles his budget. he wants to know what's best within his budget. The same could be said for the Common or Garden Office PC.

If I wanted something for the MD's desk, that's a different matter.

Now, Gamers all know that the more you spend the better you get, so that's probably the exception that proves the rule.

  woodchip 16 Oct 12

It used to be like that when they did printers, running costs was not taken into account

  Aitchbee 17 Oct 12

I always look at all of the available 'write-ups' and then wait for a few weeks/months/years before spending any big cash on any new gizmo or 'new kid on the block'...yesterday I bought a HP laserjet 6L printer for £2 from a local charity shop (in good working order) ... who needs cutting-edge?

  Mr Mistoffelees 18 Oct 12

"who needs cutting-edge?"


Now if only I had more money.


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