Greenhouse Temperature

  morddwyd 11 Aug 11

Just checked the temperature in the greenhouse an hour or so ago, less than 60deg

That's the middle of the afternoon in mid-August, doors and windows shut, south aspect etc etc.

Never mind ripening the tomatoes, I wouldn't mind seeing just a few fruits actually forming!

When is this global warming due to start?

  Quickbeam 11 Aug 11

Maybe you should turn the air-con off.

But it's much easier to tomatoes in tins that having all the bother of growing them...

  Quickbeam 11 Aug 11

...the missing word being buy rather that loot.

  Brumas 11 Aug 11

morddwyd, it was so cold here in North Northumberland this afternoon (it's still ruddy pouring down) that I had to put the heating on for a couple of hours!!

I haven't got a tan this year, my colour is due to rust!! ;o}

  Quickbeam 11 Aug 11

But Brumas, you're in the frozen far north, what do you expect?

  Aitchbee 11 Aug 11

morddwyd - I've got 20 tomato plants, all in big pots, some are in individual greenhouses, some have fruits. But I agree with you. I hope we don't have any frosts over the next few weeks!

  wiz-king 11 Aug 11

Down to 7deg in the sunny south one morning this week!

  Brumas 11 Aug 11

Quickbeam food parcels and extra blankets from you 'warm blooded wasters' in the south1 ;o}}

  Brumas 11 Aug 11

Don't know where the suffix '1' came from on the end of south?

  wiz-king 11 Aug 11

Brumas Must have missed the shifty key!


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