Greece is to quit the eurozone!

  Portal11 20:52 06 May 11

Could this be the beginning of the end for it? i'm sure last month Germany also stated they too wanted to pull out?

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  morddwyd 21:10 06 May 11

Don't think so.

One or two countries might want to pull out, but it is now a global trading currency.

  Woolwell 21:16 06 May 11

It is a rumour not fact.

  woodchip 21:16 06 May 11

May be Greece think by bailing out they will not have to pay back the money they borrowed

  sunnystaines 21:30 06 May 11

In the news the other day greece and portugal have massive gold reserves that run into many billions why are they not using this to ease the bail outs.

[perhaps we could send them mr brown]

  Strawballs 21:40 06 May 11

sunnystaines Send Thatcher and she could sell all their utilities that are making a profit for their country and will end up in forign hands!!

  sunnystaines 10:42 07 May 11


better still send both of them

  Quickbeam 11:22 07 May 11

It's usually Greeks bearing gifts you need to beware of, but in this case it's the Greeks that should be wary of Maggie as a gift. Poisoned chalices and all that...

  johndrew 11:37 07 May 11

It wouldn't be the first time a country has been mentioned as considering leaving the €. But given all the constraints applied by membership, the cost of changing in the first place in terms of prices and the probable penalties for leaving, plus other effects, it will be interesting to see what happens. In the case of Greece, I can see some advantages they may gain by leaving - interest rates, control over the value of their own currency value and similar - but given what they owe in loans ....??

Interesting that Salmond thinks the € is more stable than the £ and wants to join with all the restrictions and external control and at the same time wants to become independent from the UK. Perhaps he needs to consider the Greek experience an that of some other € members!!

  jim365 09:39 16 May 11

Germany won't allow any country to leave the Euro. They will just bail them out.

  Quickbeam 10:05 16 May 11

Let Germany pay then.

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