Government Projects

  Vangeliska 23:04 28 Nov 06

The Millenium Dome - a bit over budget.
The Olympic games - a bit over budget.
Any ideas on the next debacle projected to cost £1 billion which will end up costing £15 billion?

  oresome 23:38 28 Nov 06

Identity card scheme,
NHS computerisation,
Trident replacement,

They'll all go well over budget and not provide the hoped for benefits.

  Vangeliska 23:40 28 Nov 06

I think you're right!

  Kate B 10:27 29 Nov 06

The NHS system is a disaster. A quick search on the Guardian's website alone is informative reading click here

  anskyber 11:13 29 Nov 06

The war in Iraq.

  Sethhaniel 11:14 29 Nov 06


  Totally-braindead 11:39 29 Nov 06

Any project that involves the government seems to go over budget, and not just a bit over but double what they said originally or even more. If you asked the government to buy a packet of crisps and a can of coke it would probably cost at least a tenner.

  Monoux 12:14 29 Nov 06

It's probably because it's not their own money-- any momey our government has is actually ours --the taxpayers

They can't even balance their own books --according to reports yesterday the Labour Party itself is in the red and can't repay all it's own borrowings

  anchor 15:47 29 Nov 06

How about the office of the Deputy Prime Minister. This is reckoned to be £2Million a year.

click here

Latest estimate for the cost of the 2012 Olympic games is that the final bill could top £6Billion. London council taxpayers will have to find a significant proportion of that.

  Kate B 15:51 29 Nov 06

£2m a year is peanuts for a government department spend.

Don't get me started on how much the wretched Olympics are costing Londoners. I'd like to see everyone funding it, not just long-suffering Londoners. In theory everyone is going to benefit from it.

  The Brigadier 17:03 29 Nov 06

Under funded: The NHS & HMForces.
Shows what happens when you let Labour run the country! Thats why they had 18 years as the offical Opposition and with any luck the same will happen again!!!

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