Gott in Himmel!

  The Brigadier 17:59 29 Apr 07

The country's sole surviving war comic, Commando, has made it to issue 4,000. Should we be celebrating this patriotic success story, or is its survival into the 21st Century simply more evidence of our national inability to let go of past glories?

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  anskyber 18:06 29 Apr 07

Quaint. With as much relevance to the real world as Popeye the sailor or Tom and Jerry.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:47 29 Apr 07

Unless it has stories of how our 'brave' servicemen are tortured by having their IPods removed and being called 'Mr Bean', I'm afraid it will never be true to life.


  The Brigadier 18:49 29 Apr 07

Brave Tommy fighting the Hun and winning.
Hope thats not an un-pc comment to make!

  IClaudio 19:55 29 Apr 07

You Englisher Pig-Dog!!!

  Colin 22:06 29 Apr 07

Achtung, Spitfire!! It's just a comic - people are too sensitive these days. For you, zee var iss over!!

  Forum Editor 00:32 30 Apr 07

so good luck to them. It's just a comic, as has been pointed out, and provides totally harmless fun for quite a few people by the look of it.

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