This got me really ticking!!

  Pine Man 13:43 21 Oct 08

The (single,jobless) mum who rewards her 14 year old daughter with cigarettes. Is quite happy for her to drink alcohol - only a couple of cans a night. Is also happy that she lost her virginity at 13 but makes sure she uses contraceptives. click here

  Clapton is God 13:54 21 Oct 08

A perfect example of why sterilisation should be compulsory for some people.

And I mean the mother; not the child.

  tillybaby 14:10 21 Oct 08

The story is unbelievable,
I notice also that the mother is blaming teachers for her childs bad behaviour because they weren't strict enough, probably if they had been the mother would have been shouting her head off and threatening to sue.

  peter99co 14:14 21 Oct 08

'There are a lot worse things she could be doing.'

Maybe she has not got round to them yet!

  newman35 14:22 21 Oct 08

..and maybe she has just grasped an opportunity to collect a considerable sum for the article!
People have embellished for less.

  lofty29 15:18 21 Oct 08

Single, jobless, mother, with other children, supported by us mugs, say's it all really

  peter99co 15:32 21 Oct 08

Could start a new trend. X-Factor for Extreme Kids, Who's Notorious Now? etc.

  QuizMan 16:12 21 Oct 08

And then the mother has the cheek to say that she "....blames teachers at Sam's former school for being 'too soft'"

  jack 16:39 21 Oct 08

That individual should be taken to task if not prosecuted for writing the stuff
Theother should prosecuted for child neglect if not abuse and the child should be taken into care
no messing.

  jakimo 17:01 21 Oct 08

The grandmother could be said to have failed in the way she brought up her daughter,and the lack of any influence she could have had on her granddaughter,looks like they just don't care one iota

  SB23 17:02 21 Oct 08

Its bad enough to find out what your kids sometimes get up too, ( I have 5 ), but then to give your blessing, then admit in a well known publication, beggers belief.

Wouldn't happen in my house!


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