Got the BIG BOYS coming to my work (Mp's)

  Uboat 19:25 21 Jan 11

The place where i work is having david blunkett & john prescott come and visit in the next few day's i will be in direct contact with them! i will get a chance to speak to them, what would you say.??


  eikonuj 19:37 21 Jan 11


  morddwyd 19:48 21 Jan 11

Same as I would to anybody else - "Good Morning. How are you."

  OTT_B 19:58 21 Jan 11

I don't think Prescott is an MP anymore (life peer at the Lords now I think).

What would I say? I guess that would depend in what they have to say to me....which in my case would be very little!

Hope it goes well for you.

  tullie 20:03 21 Jan 11

Avoid them

  STREETWORK 20:13 21 Jan 11

ask them where all the money went...

Maybe they will own up to spending it on duck houses and 2 or 3 homes...

  peter99co 20:36 21 Jan 11

Ask them if they can offer any tips on how to be an MP. It may start something that would change your life.

  OTT_B 20:37 21 Jan 11

That's a bizarrely good question.

  Strawballs 21:31 21 Jan 11

The Duck house was Tory MP for Gosport Peter Viggers and you still see model duck all round the place!!!

  canarieslover 21:56 21 Jan 11

Give them a bit of work related jargon, Baffle them with Bull!"*t the same as they did to you when they were in power.

  lotvic 22:58 21 Jan 11

One can't see and the other's got a mean punch when upset. I'd do as tullie advised.

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