Google's gone to the Dark Side

  lisa02 00:18 29 Mar 08

I initially thought IE7 was playing up, but it's for Earth Hour.

Lights off between 8 and 9pm tonight (Sat)

  peg 00:32 29 Mar 08

Its a good idea. I have recently got in to the habit of turning all unused lights off now its just a case of trying to educate my son to follow suite.Google sure looks strange all dark.

  robgf 00:43 29 Mar 08

I refreshed Opera twice and turned off the Proxomitron, before realising it was deliberate.

  spuds 00:45 29 Mar 08

Perhaps an eclipse over Google Land.

Or a sign of mourning because Microsoft want to take them over!.

  Kev.Ifty 00:52 29 Mar 08

me to. Thought I had a problem with IE....


  belfman 08:22 29 Mar 08

I shall be participating too.

At work the policy is to walkround and switch off everything that's on inc. lights when you leave a room. I have adopted this at home and it's force of habit before leaving the house that 'I have to do it'.

  Forum Editor 08:40 29 Mar 08

can help in one way or another:-

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  spuds 09:22 29 Mar 08

Reading from the links Home page, it states " Believe it or not, the average desktop PC wastes nearly half the power delivered to it. Half!".

Now thats scary reading, but I wonder how many people realise that fact. Going from home users to the commercial market, the wastage must be colossal, and I wonder if enough is being done about it, worlwide!.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 10:09 29 Mar 08

how much electricity is consumed by distributed computing schemes (SETI etc) and if many participants leave the machines running 24/7 to move up the league tables?

  interzone55 11:15 29 Mar 08

Has Google actually admitted that Blackle may be correct in their assumption that a black screen uses less electricity than a white screen?

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  wiz-king 13:06 29 Mar 08

Bah Humbug-- as a lcd sreen is a transmissive device (I think) the backlight is allways on so where is the saving? or am I wrong again?

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