Is Google spamming the world?

  WhiteTruckMan 23:26 26 Jan 12

Or has my name come out of the hat?

I've got an announcement from google in the form of an email titled 'Changes to Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service'. I'm not going to go into the content, but I have recieved this on every single email address I own, in a variety of domains. And I dont even have a Gmail address!

Has anyone else noticed this?


  Forum Editor 23:35 26 Jan 12

Anyone who at any time has provided an email address to Google will have received the same email - I certainly did.

There's nothing sinister about it - Google is simplifying its privacy policy and terms of service.

  WhiteTruckMan 23:41 26 Jan 12

I'm not saying there's anything sinister involved. I'm picking up on the fact that every single one of my email addresses has recieved this email. Even the spare ones that I have never, ever used.


Not one of my e-mail addresses have received this, including my GMail address!

  wiz-king 05:39 27 Jan 12

[email protected] - your not high on their list, they will catch up - you cant hide forever! (sound of 'Jaws' drum roll)

  interzone55 10:49 27 Jan 12

I've had a Gmail address since they opened the Beta program in 2004, so I'm fairly high up their list.

I also have a google+ account and a google checkout account

I've not had this email, I'm feeling left out - I think I'll check the Spam folder in case Google have been caught by their own trap...

  octal 18:49 27 Jan 12

You don't have to have a Gmail address a lot of the ISP's like Virgin Media use Google for their email server these days.

  rdave13 19:31 27 Jan 12

*alan14 *, you sometimes get a popup on the top right hand side of Google's search page.

  rdave13 19:32 27 Jan 12

*WhiteTruckMan *, not had it in Live mail yet.

  morddwyd 20:28 27 Jan 12

I find the new "improved" Gmail layout so abysmally user unfriendly that I probably wouldn't be able to pick it out even if I did get it!

  rdave13 20:31 27 Jan 12

morddwyd, and here's me thinking it's just the same as the old one but with a bit more colour (red).

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