Google releasing its own O/S?

  Thalmus 18:10 31 Jan 06

what out microsoft

click here

  Forum Editor 18:55 31 Jan 06

There have been rumours about this for some time, but I can't help feeling that Google might want to pause and take stock before launching an operating system for widescale free download.

So far the Google name is riding high, but if millions download their version of Linux and discover that it breaks anything, or is incompatible with 'Leapy dancey thing' version 0.1, guess who they'll blame?

  DieSse 14:35 01 Feb 06

With both Google and Red Hat being part og the OPC $100 laptop project - I wouldn't be surprised if Google were working on Linux in some depth. What say a Google/RedHat/Ubuntu consortium as the final outcome of the project, with a free, low resource, Linux version?

  Teaboy 17:08 01 Feb 06

dream on

  octal 18:32 01 Feb 06

Although I love Linux, Windows it definitely ain't. I think Linux has still got a long way to go before its as intuitive as Windows, its still not for the novice user without some in depth research into understanding it.
I hate to say it but if they are thinking of using Linux it can only be bad for the system if it gets a bad name because people expect it to do things it won't because of misunderstanding.

As FE says " guess who they'll blame?" Linux then Google in that order.

  DieSse 22:14 01 Feb 06

*its still not for the novice user*

It's going to be the OS on many millions of $100 laptops specially built for supply to children.

I think not a few people aren't seeing what's going on here. That's not the same, though, as Google bringing out an alternative to Windows in the near future (which I think is unlikely).

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