Google Earth Query Changed Appearance

  Bing.alau 31 Aug 12

I'm not sure what has happened but I used to use Google Earth without any problems. But after a a wee bit of trouble with my computer, which I thought I had sorted out, I have hit a problem. I re-downloaded Google Earth and it now appears as just a globe with outlines of the countries in feint/faint yellow lines. I have had a mess about with the various controls but just can't get any sense out of it at all. (I suppose it is getting nonsense out of me too).

Has anybody got a simple solution to hand? What have I been and gone and done?

  Al94 31 Aug 12

Can you see the sidebar? Enable in View - tick sidebar

  Bing.alau 31 Aug 12

A194. Thanks for the swift reply, however I can't see anything as you suggest to follow in the sidebar. I've opened up the Primary database and expanded all the items on there and still can't find "Enable in View"... Have I got a different sidebar than you perhaps?

  Woolwell 31 Aug 12

Can you zoom in at all?

  Bing.alau 31 Aug 12

Yes it zooms in but ..... Oh 'eck! I've just tried zooming in again and after a few clicks it came on. So I am assuming that if you zoom out too much it goes yellow? Thanks for that Woolwell, and I will get back if it isn't o.k. But I think maybe it is. Right now I have just been ordered to take the boss to Tesco's. Back later.

  Bing.alau 31 Aug 12

Woolwell. Just had another quick zoom in a bit further and it has all gone back to yellow lines again. Zooming out by trial and error it seems to be o.k. at about the half way mark on the zoom tool. A few clicks lower and it goes yellow and a few clicks upward and it goes yellow. Any more ideas?

I've also just dragged the slider up and down and the picture zooms right in and right out but the center of the slider goes back to the middle. Weird!

  Forum Editor 31 Aug 12

You should have put this in the Helproom, but now that you have people helping you here I'll leave it alone.

Write out 100 lines after school - 'I must learn to put things in the right forum area'.

  Bing.alau 31 Aug 12

FE. Never even gave the Helproom a thought. So used to all the helpers on here I suppose. However I will consider myself reprimanded and will give myself a severe slap on the wrist... Ouch! Sorry...

Shall I ask in the Helproom now?

  Quickbeam 31 Aug 12

maybe you should threaten to leave now... and storm off:)

  Bing.alau 31 Aug 12

Quickbeam. Wot! and never hear from all the nice people on here again? No chance, I would miss Brumas saying "Bugroff" etc. Friday nights would never be the same. I wouldn't know how Macscouse and the LHO are getting on. That would be terrible. No musical asides from AitchBEE. (mind you I could probably live without them). But then again I might miss it when his neighbours get around to fisticuffs with him. I think I can take a wrist slap from the FE when I deserve it. So all in all I think I will stay put.

  Kevscar1 01 Sep 12

go into Layers at the bottom of the side bar if you have borders and labels ticked then everything is outlined in yellow


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