Google Earth and the little boy lost

  TopCat® 14 Apr 12

Some may adore it, some positively hate it and others less lucky than we are still to set eyes on it, but the meteoric rise in new technology, in all its guises over the years, has led to some remarkable stories that certainly lift the heart. I only wish there could be, with the help of technology that we take for granted, a rising flood of success stories like the one below.

The case in point concerns this small Indian boy who ..... no - on reflection, I'll let the story be told straight from the BBC. TC. together again

  lotvic 14 Apr 12

Done in the right way that will make a very moving - and true - film. A remarkable story of one small boys life.

A friend of mine (now sadly passed away) was left widowed with 2 small children in India. They then had no home and lived on the street, the toddlers had to fend for themselves on the street (whilst their mother went from door to door asking for work as a cleaner/washerwoman). She eventually married someone in the RAF and he brought them back to England with him. Their lives changed dramatically. This lady educated herself and after she had suffered a stroke she opened and ran a very successful Disabled Charity Help & Advice Centre (no wage - volunteer basis). She always said she was so grateful for the changes in her life she wanted to give something back.

I still see her daughter now and then, a delightful lady also, always has a smile for everyone.

  Aitchbee 14 Apr 12

If it is to be made into a film then Disney will make a good job of you remember Jumbo and Bambi?


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