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  ened 17:33 04 Jun 07

I have discovered that sometime in the past fortnight just about any where I want to look in Great Britain is now covered in high resolution.

It is very impressive until I realised the scenery must be about three years old at least.

I still find it extremely interesting but as an example there is a Hotel in Trebetherick in Cornwall which was pulled down at least three years ago yet it is apparently open with guests when you zoom in.

I wonder how often they will update this.

This isn't a moan by the way because it is still a fantastic (time coinsuming) facility and it is FREE!

  wee eddie 17:57 04 Jun 07

I've just been on a trip down Memory Lane.

Almost all the places that I lived were not covered until now.

  Bingalau 18:09 04 Jun 07

ened. Thanks for the info. I will have a check up as it is a few weeks since I last looked.

  royalflush 18:18 04 Jun 07

one thing ive never got my head around is how if youve got the PRO version it can look at mulitple destinations at one time?

  Pine Man 18:40 04 Jun 07

The big cloud has been removed from over my house!!

  Blackhat 18:42 04 Jun 07

Great, I hadn't looked for a long while.

The images are more up to date, ie the building of the Bullring in Birmingham is now finnished. The one way markings on my road are now there, they were painted only last year.

I have a black car outside my house instead of a red one but the image quality has gone down.

Before, click here

Now, click here

  Guardianangel 18:53 04 Jun 07

My area must have been updated sometime last year going by what it now shows. Before that it was about five years out of date.

  Si_l 19:29 04 Jun 07

I noticed Wembley Stadium still has a crane inside it! Could be much older than 3 years!

We are also missing our orange car and boat.

How come there a never people on GE?

  Blackhat 19:33 04 Jun 07

They do get people, a work friend of mine saw his parents in their back garden a year after they had both died, how creepy is that. It was me that showed it to him!

  Si_l 19:37 04 Jun 07

That is freaky stuff. Its just I looked in a few places and didn't notice any people, eg. our High Street, where there are always people bustling about.

Could they have been edited out? Pretty big task I suppose...

  Jak_1 20:00 04 Jun 07

As a rough guide to how old the images are, in Manchester, Google earth shows The City of Manchester Stadium still under construction. The Commonwealth Games were held in 2002. Also my old Vauxhall Cavalier parked outside the front of my house, that was three cars ago!

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