Good news for BBC F1 fans

  interzone55 21 Dec 12

Suzi Perry is presenting next season's BBC coverage after Jake Humphrey jumped ship.

BBC have still only got half the races live, but that does mean I can go the the local Stock Car races, then watch F1 when I get home

  OTT_B 21 Dec 12

I was initially annoyed at Sky taking half the races, but having watched the coverage on Sky, I don't think Suzi Perry will be enough to tempt me back to the BBC.

  interzone55 21 Dec 12


I don't have Sky, and have no wish to have a Sky subscription, so Suzi will keep me happy with the BBC coverage.

Do Sky show the whole race in full, or do they break for adverts just when something exciting is about to happen, like ITV used to do.

  Mr Mistoffelees 21 Dec 12

"Suzi will keep me happy"

Me too :-)

  OTT_B 21 Dec 12


No, there are no adverts during racing laps - they tend to cut to short ads if the race has been red flagged, but they've never missed anything of consequence.

When the move of half the races to Sky was announced I was pretty annoyed, quite simply because the BBC had done such a fantastic job of coverage for the last couple of years, but Sky have really set a new benchmark. Even for the races that the BBC shows, I still watch the Sky coverage.

  interzone55 21 Dec 12


Thanks, I'd still rather watch a race late than take out a Sky subscription, but if my local is showing any important races I may watch there if the racing is uninterrupted

  Strawballs 22 Dec 12

Sky also show all of the free practices, GP2

  Aitchbee 22 Dec 12

As long as it doesn't 'clash' with 'The Antiques Road Show', I'll give it 'the green light'.


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