Good Looking Nuisance Flogging Laptops?

  Bing.alau 04 Nov 12

Every time I come on to this site now I get a handsome salesman trying to flog laptops. How do I get rid of him? I've got a feeling it's not going to be easy. He keeps popping up in the top right hand corner of my screen.

  oresome 04 Nov 12

Once you've purchased one, he'll move on to the extended warranty.........and then the virus protection...........and then the bag........and th

  Joseph Kerr 04 Nov 12

Sorry, no personal offence intended but it's most irritating and an invasion, frankly, when ads come with sound. I've said it before...

  Flak999 04 Nov 12

Just use an ad blocker, I'm using Chrome with adblock and I never see any of these intrusive ads.

And before somebody says it, I know all the well worn arguments about the site not being able to survive without ads, but when said ads have such a detrimental effect on the users browsing experience, what can you expect?

  Bing.alau 04 Nov 12

I think this salesman is a pal of our FE. So be careful what you say.

  Condom 04 Nov 12

I have Ad Blocker but he seems to have a way round it. Pity we couldn't throw darts at it as I need the practice ;-)

  Woolwell 04 Nov 12

What advert? My anti-banner must block it.

  morddwyd 04 Nov 12

Pity there can't be a system whereby after you've clicked on it once it disappears.

That way the advertiser, and PCA, gets the result intended, and the punters don't get too frustrated.

Incidentally, I don't get the one complained of here, but I don't use adblockers.

  TonyV 04 Nov 12

I think he introduces himself as Matt Egan whose name rings a bell from these Forums!


  Bing.alau 04 Nov 12


That's why I mentioned being careful as he is a friend of our FE. Who knows, the next advert might be one by our FE himself?...

  TonyV 04 Nov 12


I thought that was what you meant. I haven't said anything untoward yet so I should be getting any black marks! But it's a nice Office/Pub he has set himself up in though!!



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