Going to Wales anytime?

  peter99co 09:17 02 Apr 08

Watch your speed. You have been warned click here

  Weskit 10:50 02 Apr 08

But why only in Wales? Speed limits apply elsewhere too...

  anchor 12:43 02 Apr 08

What a pity the police do not use such ingenuity in preventing other crimes that are the bane of so many peoples lives.

I forgot; that does not bring in revenue.

  Quickbeam 13:28 02 Apr 08

Is this trap, for speeding horse & traps...?

  wiz-king 13:50 02 Apr 08

I'm not sure if the speed limits apply to horses and carts, but you can be done for 'furious driving'.

  Pine Man 16:26 02 Apr 08

'What a pity the police do not use such ingenuity in preventing other crimes that are the bane of so many peoples lives.'

....and the crime of killing and seriously injuring people whilst speeding is not the bane of so many peoples lives?

For once the British Isles could take note of Wales!

  Forum Editor 17:15 02 Apr 08

of Wales!"

Wales is actually part of the British Isles, but not to worry.

What always strikes me as a little odd is this attitude that the Police should act in a 'sporting' fashion when trying to stop motorists speeding - as if it's some kind of game, and they're not playing by the rules unless they advertise their presence.

Speeding is illegal, and when you do it you not only commit an offence, you greatly increase your chance of killing someone, and/or yourself. The Police are there to catch law-breakers, and I don't see anyone suggesting that they should phone up known bank robbers and say "we'll be parked up outside Barclays in the high street next Friday, you've been warned".

All this guff about it being a pity the police don't concentrate on 'other crimes' is just that - guff. Speeding is the responsibility of traffic police; that's what they're there for.

  Cymro. 17:25 02 Apr 08

I don`t know the exact number of deaths on Welsh roads and have no intention of researching it, but I do know that motorcyclists are killed in Welsh roads at then rate of one a month. That it a very high number for what is a relatively small rural country.

So if such so called devious measures bring the death toll down and make the roads that I have to drive on every day a little safer then I for one am all for it.

  Pine Man 18:27 02 Apr 08

No slight on Wales I was just a bit miffed when I read the earlier post and replied a bit to quickly.

I fully share your views.

I spent nearly all my police service at various ranks within traffic policing and there weren't many weeks went by towards the end of that service when I used to get called out to supervise all of the fatal crashes in my area. I dread to think how many mutilated bodies I saw and, YES, in a very high proportion of those crashes the severity of the injuries was almost directly related to the speed of the vehicles involved and many of those speeds were in excess of the limit.

  laurie53 20:06 02 Apr 08

It has always made me smile wryly when I read about speed detection, whether cameras or officers, having to be visible.

In some countries on the mainland they will just go out, stick a camera in a hedge, and go back two hours later, pick it up, back to the nick and start writing tickets.

They also have cameras which not only show the numberplate but a good likeness of the driver too.

No question there about who was at the wheel.

  Stuartli 21:27 02 Apr 08

The Chief Constable of Wales has long been known for his determination to curb speeding on Welsh roads.

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