Going on a cruise?

  Graham* 23:57 28 Feb 12

It would seem my dream of a retirement cruise was just that - a dream. I'm staying on dry land now. The Yorkshire Dales for me.

  Forum Editor 00:16 29 Feb 12

Statistically you are probably far more likely to be killed by a falling dry-stone wall in the Yorkshire dales, than by coming to grief on a cruise.

A couple of incidents involving cruise ships doesn't mean cruising is inherently unsafe. Not that you would catch me on a cruise liner - I can't stand the thought of all that determined socialising and non-stop eating. Give me the dales any day - dodgy drystone included.

  ronalddonald 01:02 29 Feb 12

there was a boat for sale on ebay for £1.00, one of the last d-day boats

  Chegs ®™ 06:41 29 Feb 12

Cruise = over-priced food & drink,unable to avoid obnoxious fellow passengers without hiding in your cabin,risk of seasickness,& depending on operator of ship drowning or burnt alive.I'd sooner go for a week in Butlins or Blackpool as then at least I can walk home if it takes on water or catches fire. :)

  sunnystaines 07:39 29 Feb 12

tried a couple of cruise trips first one was dreadful cancelled ports all round poor service on a clapped out boat, had a second go on a large modern ship with a better company a big improvement all round.

good points see a lot of locations.

bad points always watching the time so you not not miss the boat. on days at sea with no ports very boring.

going on a 3rd cruise around the uk in the marco polo ship in the summer not tried this company before, after this I think we may revert back to normal holidays.

  Quickbeam 07:57 29 Feb 12

I never realised it was so perilous taking the dogs up on the hills.

  Blackhat 08:11 29 Feb 12

Last year Mrs B & I decided that we would try a Mediterranean cruise this year. We still intend to do so. What I am waiting for now is to see a drop in prices as a result of knee jerk reactions with cancellations and low bookings.

  Quickbeam 08:16 29 Feb 12

You might also get some cheap cottage deals in the Dales now that the FE's exposé of the dangers of dry stone walls is about to sweep the world;)

  badgery 08:20 29 Feb 12


We decided that we would 'suffer' the deprivations of too much food and luxury in order to be able to stand and watch glaciers calving (with a mug of hot mulled wine - such decadence!) in Alaska.

We felt our necessary suffering was a price worth paying for the experience!

  wee eddie 08:30 29 Feb 12

I have some friends that love Cruising ~ They go several times a year.

Last year the Ship that they were on, in the Baltic, broke down. They had a ball, wonderful story, much related, they're going on the same ship next year with hopes of a repeat performance.

I don't holiday, I like my own bed. But, from those Cruisers that I know, it is a wonderful way of seeing the world.

  morddwyd 09:12 29 Feb 12

Nothing wrong with a nice cruise up the Danube or the Rhine, different hostelry every night, and only breakfast and a light lunch on board!

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