Go fly a kite!

  WhiteTruckMan 00:32 09 Apr 07

Thats just what we've been doing today. Had a trip out to the seaside, ended up in Bridlington on the east coast. Parked up overlooking the beach and had a good old time flying some cheap kites that we had tucked away for ages. Fresh sea air. great fun with the kids. Picnic lunch with some orange and vimto cordial made up the night before and kept in the electric coolbox I use in my truck. Paddled in the sea. Felt so good that I splashed out on a round of vanilla and rasberry soft ice creams all round! (well, its not every day I splash out!) Followed by a fish supper on the way home.

How did your day go?


  Kate B 00:38 09 Apr 07

That sounds lovely. I've been confined to the sofa with the laptop with a pretty nasty bug that's robbed me of my voice. I also now have cabin fever.

  p;3 00:43 09 Apr 07

??did u say 'cabin fever'?

  Kate B 00:45 09 Apr 07
  snowy30 01:29 09 Apr 07

Isn't that a film?

  AndySD 05:15 09 Apr 07

Had a great days sleep....working nights at the moment.... just a little confused as why you went all the way to Bridlington to cash some old low value cheques though!

  Mr Mistoffelees 11:20 09 Apr 07

My best mate and I used to try a clip people's ears on the hill above Westbury White Horse. I had a cheap, two string, stunt kite that used to be known by it's obvious spoonerism.

  Mr Mistoffelees 11:21 09 Apr 07

My grammar has gone down the pan.

Hangs head in shame :-(

  laurie53 11:23 09 Apr 07

Oh poor Kate B.

Iamgine beibg sick when it's a day off anyway!


  Forum Editor 12:33 09 Apr 07

I walked for a couple of hours around the edge of Chichester harbour.

The sun was shining, the scenery breathtaking, and we ended up at a waterside pub, where we sat on a stone wall and contemplated the view.

At times like that, the world and its problems seem very far away.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:40 09 Apr 07

While working away from home I take a small "pocket kite" with me.
Makes me go outside for some fresh air rather than stop in the hotel room or bar.

Pocket kites are ideal for kids as they will fly easily in almost any wind conditions. click here

One of my Summer hobbies is building and flying kits, I find it very relaxing, allows the stresses of the day to blow away on the wind.

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