Glut of 'Free' ipods on doormat

  Seth Haniel 15:21 05 Jul 07

one of my relatives recieved a package from China last week with an 'iPod' in, no note or anything else - it coincided within days of his birthday - so he thought it may be from someone he knew - this week two more have landed on the doormat - from the same source - unless they are prizes that are often bandied at the top of websites for online bookings.....
keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn't need three ;)

  Shortstop 15:35 05 Jul 07

If he doesn't need more than one!



  lisa02 15:39 05 Jul 07

Credit card fraud/mail fraud or the like and the perpetrator failed to intercept the packages?

  Seth Haniel 15:51 05 Jul 07

As they came a week apart to a private address i don't think any scammer could intercept a post man on his rounds and demand the parcel !!

  crosstrainer 16:14 05 Jul 07

Something similar happened to me recently... I had ordered and taken delivery of a new 02 xda mobile pda. Two days later, another one was delivered without any paperwork or info enclosed in the package.

Being an honest soul, I rang o2 to inform them that the second phone had been delivered...they could find no trace of where it had come from, even when i charged it and gave them the imei number. It remains a mystery, and since they don't think it's theirs, it remains boxed and with me.

I suspect that the computer despatch system threw a wobbily, and reckon they may ask for it back eventually.

  Forum Editor 17:46 05 Jul 07

Has your friend carefully checked?

  postie24 18:42 05 Jul 07

You are correct,we are not allowed to hand anything over to a anyone,unless your at their premises

  sunny staines 18:58 05 Jul 07

do they have wacky backy hidden in them or similar?

  Seth Haniel 08:59 06 Jul 07

Will be seeing him next friday and will get full specs off him
I saw the first one to arrive last weekend - but wasn't paying much attention - the other two arrived this week - so actually he only would have found out about those as he just got back from Spain last night.
will report back with facts & figures -and maybe one he doesn't want ;)

  Fellsider 15:19 06 Jul 07

iPod + China - sounds dodgy to me, did you not see the TV the other week about fake iPods?

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