Global Warming.

  rdave13 21:29 04 Sep 10

I know this is an old nut on these boards but it does look that something is changing, with all the news about floodings, fires etc. in various countries. Are these normal and usually not reported before, or are our activities actually making things worse?
Makes you wonder?

  SB23 21:45 04 Sep 10

Don't believe anything you've read, according to my electricity monitor Global Warming is all my fault.

  peter99co 21:46 04 Sep 10

It is reported that Mr Bush has now been converted to believing it is happening I think.

  Forum Editor 23:06 04 Sep 10

So it's you - I owe my wife an apology, she's been getting the blame for constantly leaving lights on all over the place, and turning the heating on whenever the temperature falls below 70 degrees.

  Noldi 08:32 05 Sep 10

This planet has been a lot warmer and colder without human influences. If the planet warms up maybe we wont survive but the planet will. In the end something must reduce the amount of humans because the planets recourses have limits to produce the amounts we will need. I recon maybe another 1000 years max. (My guess not a educated one)


  morddwyd 09:22 05 Sep 10

You're right.

I have always said that if Greenpeace really want to save the planet they'd be campaigning for the extermination of the human race!

  Forum Editor 10:09 05 Sep 10

The planet's resources would last much longer than that - there's enough coal under Britain alone to keep us going for 600 years.

  Monoux 10:22 05 Sep 10

I suspect Noldi was referring to food resources to feed the ever increasing population

  Armchair 10:26 05 Sep 10

Maybe some wise, benevolent aliens will visit Earth and help us (or eat us).

  Noldi 10:42 05 Sep 10

My money would be on eaten. I think the human race is well beyond help.

  carver 10:43 05 Sep 10

With the amount of toxins we have consumed over the past years we would be considered not fit for eating.

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