Gilchrist Retires

  crosstrainer 12:42 26 Jan 08

Adam Gilchrist has announced his retirement from all form's of international cricket...The Aussie's are shedding the old guard at a rapid rate of knots!

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Perhaps England might have a chance :)

  egapup 18:28 26 Jan 08

"Perhaps England might have a chance :)".... What, of recruiting him. The only chance England has is if the other team doesnt show up.

  Stuartli 09:01 27 Jan 08

>>The Aussie's are shedding the old guard at a rapid rate of knots!>>

That's why the Aussies are such fearsome rivals...:-)

The same philosophy was employed by Bill Shankly when Liverpool manager; as soon as he realised that any particular player's era was approaching its end, the replacement was very quickly in the team.

There's no room for sentiment at the highest levels of sport, but the truly great players or competitors are never forgotten and always revered.

  Sparkies2 12:55 27 Jan 08

He will be a big miss to the game decent keeper great batsman, and a proper gent .
What with Hayden 36ish, Ponting losing the people`s support , no new spinner coming through , maybe we can win them back???

  Quickbeam 17:56 27 Jan 08

"There's no room for sentiment at the highest levels of sport"

That's why Australia are so successful, they have no qualms about retiring a legend. When your times up, you get replaced...

Bring on the new blood, and get the opposition quaking in their shoes!

One of the new crop,Shaun Tait, who is only 24 has quit all forms of cricket for an indefinate period due to stress and fatigue.

  Quickbeam 08:17 29 Jan 08

They'll have some other hot player lined up. Not like us... all our eggs were with Flintof at one time. We haven't recovered from his injuries and general over-reliance yet.

True very true.
Their academy will continue to churn them out,unfortunately for England.
The divide will grow further,With only an occasional success.
The likes of Pierterson and Flintoff cant always win games single handedly against a class 11.

The local parks were full of lads playing cricket when i was younger but now....If I see a 2 or 3 lads playing cricket its a very very rare sight indeed.

from link
Cicket is maybe the second most popular practiced sport, with long and endless departures being transmitted by television on the weekends. The Australian youths in the school practice it in the breaks, and it is also very common to see whole families playing at parks and beaches.
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  Quickbeam 08:47 29 Jan 08

is forced to play catchup... why are the 'brains' at the top not seeing this...? It's happening in all our sports.

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