Giant asteroid set to narrowly miss Earth

  Portal11 22:13 PM 05 May 11

Wont be missing any sleep.. but if this is possible & taking into account the "2012 phenomenon".....

link text

  OTT_B 22:21 PM 05 May 11

" but if this is possible & taking into account the "2012 phenomenon"....."

......then we'll get yet another straight to TV film about it!

  Portal11 22:36 PM 05 May 11

OTT but it could be....scientists have stated some evidence...

  Forum Editor 23:58 PM 05 May 11

I'm not remotely interested

in knowing about asteroids which will miss the earth by 201,700 miles. Wake me up when one is going to miss the earth by no miles.

  Kevscar1 05:44 AM 06 May 11

FE Would rather sleep through it

  Grey Goo 10:17 AM 06 May 11

Watch out for the giant sign on it saying "Catch you next time"


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