Ghostly pictures.

  wolfie3000 09:04 29 Oct 06

With Halloween approuching i was wondering has anyone caught anything strange or ghostly of camera?

Me and a few friends often visit old creepy churches, castles and historic buildings and we have caught some strange stuff in the past has anyone else?

This is one of our unexplained pictures,
We didnt see it at the time.
So is it an orb?

click here

  johndrew 09:30 29 Oct 06

Don`t know, but what is causing the flare out of the centre bar of the window? Could it be ghostly mirror perhaps?

  lisa02 09:34 29 Oct 06

He does look rather scarey.

  wolfie3000 09:39 29 Oct 06

lol thats my mate Kev.

  wolfie3000 09:40 29 Oct 06

So anyone else got any ghostly pictures they've taken?

  Cymro. 11:15 29 Oct 06

So where was the location of this photograph then?
It reminds be of my motherinlaws place.

  wolfie3000 12:54 29 Oct 06

I cant actualy remember, i know it was the castle where robinhood prince of thieves was shot if that helps.

  Confab 13:01 29 Oct 06

This might explain it

click here


  Forum Editor 13:04 29 Oct 06

Not a ghost.

  wolfie3000 13:04 29 Oct 06

So no one got any ghostly photos?

Probably confab but kinda spoils the mystery :)

  anchor 15:10 29 Oct 06

Have a look at this one taken in the beautiful Basilica of "Notre-Dame de Fourvière" in Lyon, France. Flash was used.

click here

Is it the spirits of the departed we can see floating about, or something more mundane?.

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