Get out of Gaol Free!

  Roger Evens 11:40 12 Jul 10

According to the Telegraph this morning the Probation Watchdog suggests serious criminals should not be kept in prison just to protect the public. Makes one wonder why the watchdog allows criminals to be put in gaol in the first place.

  interzone55 17:28 12 Jul 10

This is part of a wider debate about the criminal justice system, including more use of community punishments.

Many prisoners are one time offenders (that's different to first time offenders), if they can be adequately punished within the community by doing unpaid work this will save the country a fortune and also provide a valuable service to the communities that have been harmed by their offences

  jack 17:43 12 Jul 10

A possibly give UNITE something more to rant about - doing their members out of a job.
There are many ways of removing undesirables from society.
Foreign nationals- legal stayers and illegals should not go to jail at all - simply ship[chip them and ship ?] them back whence they came- the chances are they left their homeland because of antisocial activity- and make it immediate - not linger in a deportion centre whilst a legal eagle get fat on legal aid arguing a case.

  morddwyd 20:23 12 Jul 10

"the criminal justice system"

Once again, that term.

How about a victim justice system?

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