Get a load of this, linux is a European manice

  fleamailman 19:42 29 Apr 06

OK I distance myself from the views of this link here but by now at least everyone can acept that I try to make this site interesting. Hope it amuses:

click here

  Haol 19:54 29 Apr 06

HAHA, I laugh at his ignorance. That has got to be the stupidest thing I've ever read.

  SG Atlantis® 20:07 29 Apr 06

The writer really takes the trophy for being the biggest twat on the planet.

  keith-236134 20:25 29 Apr 06


  SG Atlantis® 20:43 29 Apr 06

Not one single person or nation invented the computer. Anyway define what's meant by "computer" ?

  The Spires 21:08 29 Apr 06

Not the sharpest knife in the drawer :-)

  justme 21:25 29 Apr 06

Is the author's real name Bill Gates by any chance?

  GaT7 21:32 29 Apr 06

Come on, has to be a windup, right?! I enjoyed some of the comments left though - pity one can't leave any more : ( G

  Mr Mistoffelees 22:04 29 Apr 06

I am amazed at the depths of stupidity some people are prepared to descend to.

  Mr Mistoffelees 22:24 29 Apr 06

"About Me

Hi and thank you very much for taking the time to visit my website. Now that more and more democ-rats attack our great leader and president, George W Bush, I can no longer stand by. I am becoming active. On this website you will find many information on how to support America and how to win the war against whiny liberals, before they succeed to destroy our great nation! Thanks again and God bless. Your truly, Shelley"

  Charence 23:13 29 Apr 06 that article being serious or is it meant to be a joke?!

Hopefully the 'Business Software Alliance' have a bit more knowledge than this person seems to.

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