Get lit up - a use for Brussels sprouts

  lotvic 26 Nov 13

How to power Christmas tree lights using Brussels sprouts click here

At last the evil veg is useful ;)

  bumpkin 26 Nov 13

Better than the gas option I suppose:-)

  mart7 26 Nov 13

At least some use has been found for Brussels sprouts,ugh i cannot eat them!

  morddwyd 26 Nov 13

One of my favourite veg.

If there's a choice and it includes sprouts then that's for me.

Like Marmite I guess.

  Woolwell 26 Nov 13

I like Brussel Sprouts especially with walnuts.

  bumpkin 26 Nov 13

What is wrong with them, better than a bit of cabbage.

  bumpkin 26 Nov 13

Nothing wrong with Marmite Froggie.

  mart7 26 Nov 13

horrible ugh,probably my adversity comes from when i was younger and at home was made to eat sprouts! yuck

  Aitchbee 26 Nov 13

... I feel sorry for those little electrons - trapped inside a brussel sprout - with no chance of any escape!

  Quickbeam 27 Nov 13

Spouts a'la Marmite... interesting alternative.

  BT 27 Nov 13

Can't be any stranger than Marmite flavoured chocolate.

Still a Marmite fan however.


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