Get the chocolates in for Sunday

  Graham. 17:15 04 May 07

It's International No Diet Day.

  Totally-braindead 17:48 04 May 07

You have to be kidding.
This can't exist it must be a windup. What will they have next, No Mothers Day perhaps for women who haven't any kids yet.

  MrNerdy 17:55 04 May 07

More @ click here

  postie24 18:23 04 May 07

As long as they dont have a no pcadvisor forum day


  Totally-braindead 18:26 04 May 07

postie24 only when the websites down!

  dukeboxhero 18:30 04 May 07

orders in the curry and case of stella

  postie24 18:37 04 May 07

The new servers should stop that happening one hopes
Im just tucking in to a half pounder with cheese Mmmmmmmmmm

  Koochy 18:54 04 May 07

Is there an invite for someone that has 2 cases of stella in the garage nice and chilled.

  Bingalau 22:20 04 May 07

I'm surprised Kate B hasn't been on commenting on how much she is going to enjoy all that lovely chocolate. I think I might have an extra rum and ginger beer.

  Forum Editor 23:35 04 May 07

from the International No Diet Day website:

"No direct correlation has been found between a person's weight & their health/fitness level."

Why am I thinking that was written by someone who carries a little extra weight?

along with:
i can lose a stone in a week
i could quit anytime me
what drinking problem?
im just tired and have a headache
& keep those damn goldfish quiet!
basic denial

doesnt everyone feel uncomfortable after christmas trying to catch theur breathe after climbing the stairs? is it only me that feels generally much healthier after a couple of weeks not skipping the gym and eating healthily?
as an exception we had a very large pe teacher at school who could outrun anything (whilst looking a little wobbly!) but sadly died of a heart attack aged 56.
nobody can tell me that carrying around extra weight all day isnt bad for one, look at the connections diabeties, cardiovascular problems colesterol high blood pressure etc
and to state "no direct correlation has been found" sounds laughable to me.
maybe this is a bit harse and we all need a little fun and a few bad habits, its life! but just a few years ago i died for a couple of minutes from my excesses, so i probally behave a little like a reformed smoker, higly irritating!
enjoy your curries

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