George W. Bush

  Vangeliska 00:27 13 Dec 06

He still walks funny.

  Kev.Ifty 01:22 13 Dec 06

Perhaps'like some other people, he needs to take more water with it!

  Vangeliska 01:33 13 Dec 06


  Vangeliska 01:37 13 Dec 06

I take it that you know that this thread will be deleted?

  Vangeliska 01:53 13 Dec 06

will run and run.

  pavvi 08:09 13 Dec 06

what, exactly is the point in this thread? Perhaps I am missing something? Ifo so perhaps you could enlighten me?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:29 13 Dec 06

'legalise prostitution" on the other hand will run and run'...that thread is slightly interesting. This thread is neither interesting, relevant or funny.


  tony58 19:48 13 Dec 06

Angelika ,you give up to easily

  rodriguez 20:05 13 Dec 06

Have you developed some sort of bizarre grudge or issue with this forum? Your posts in the "legalise prostitution" thread were slightly ridiculous, especially the pop you had at FE. This thread however, is obviously designed to cause problems. Whether George Bush walks funny or not is not really something anyone would normally start a thread about, nor is it something I've noticed or care about. I suspect you are just narked at the email FE sent you (which was a result of you insulting him in the other thread) so you decided to post this pointless rubbish. That's just what I think anyway, correct me if I'm wrong.

  leo49 20:11 13 Dec 06

Grow up or go away.

  rodriguez 21:30 13 Dec 06

leo49 - just what I thought. :-D

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