General David Petraeus quits as head of CIA

  Flak999 10 Nov 12

Another impeccable reputation destroyed! CIA director David Petraeus has resigned from his post, admitting he had an extra-marital affair.

What is it that drives men with so much to live up to and conversely so much to lose, to risk it all because of a younger, good looking woman?

The Generals wife!

The Generals mistress!!

Are men all so shallow that they will risk everything for the younger model?


  rdave13 10 Nov 12

It certainly looks that nature, being what it is, will certainly over rule the head. Possibly why there's so much of us on this planet.

Such is life.

  kad60 10 Nov 12

I think the real question here is why a man in such a sensitive position embarks upon an affair knowing that his dishonesty jeopardises the organisation and its workforce.

If he had shown the same 'guts' in stating to his wife their marriage was over as he did in the theatre of war this issue may not have arisen and his career would not be shattered.

  carver 10 Nov 12

So he is in charge of the CIA but the FBI where monitoring Mr Petraeus' email account.

And people say we have nothing to fear enter link description here

  Woolwell 10 Nov 12

carver - The FBI had been alerted that his mistress may have had access to his emails and possibly classified information. They started a targeted intercept which is different to the link that you have posted.

  robgf 10 Nov 12

Never having being married I may be way off base, but that younger woman is much cuter than his wife, so given any encouragement you can see why he would stray.

I used to see it all the time in the workforce at the factory. A large proportion of married people didn't seem very keen on their partner anymore. And affairs were frequent, usually ending without any trouble. Interestingly, women seem to have more affairs than men. But men are more likely to get caught, as wives notice more.

  Flak999 10 Nov 12

"that younger woman is much cuter than his wife, so given any encouragement you can see why he would stray."

There you have it in a nutshell! It would seem that no-matter what a mans position, nor how much he has to lose. The lure of the younger more attractive woman is like a siren call to (most?) men.

Also younger women who would in the ordinary state of affairs not look twice at some of the men that they eventually have sexual relationships with ( John Prescott, Bernie Ecclestone et al) are attracted to these men because of their power or their money, or both.

Is the urge in men to have sex so overwhelming, that all men given the opportunity would take the risk and be unfaithful if presented with the chance to have sex with a beautiful younger woman, regardless of what the probable consequences may be?

Is it as fourm member says just "human nature"

  Woolwell 10 Nov 12

His mistress is reportedly the woman who co-wrote his biography and was embedded (an unfortunate word as it turns out) with him in Afghanistan from for a year from Jul 2010 to Jul 2011. Working in close proximity away from home may have more to do with it than looks.

  Flak999 10 Nov 12


Working in close proximity away from home may have more to do with it than looks.

Do you really believe that?! Look at the pictures again, If the roles were reversed and the reporter had been his wife and his wife the reporter, can you honestly say you think he would have had the affair?

I don't think so!

  Woolwell 10 Nov 12

Flak999 - You may not think so but I do. It may well have started overseas without wife anywhere near. No doubt we will disagree.

  Flak999 10 Nov 12


I do disagree, but hey maybe that's my weakness for a pretty face showing through! ;-)


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