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  Noldi 17:27 19 Mar 11

Im off across Europe on Monday with a UK registered car. The number plate has GB on it, is this enough or do I need the GB sticker seperatly on the car?. My thinking is put a sticker on the car to be 100% sure but I would like to know if anybody has experience of this.


  BT 17:50 19 Mar 11

click here

Apparently you are OK if its on your number plate.
Note the section on spectacles. I believe its a requirement in certain places.

  bremner 17:51 19 Mar 11

The plates are enough click here Look towards the end

  Bapou 17:51 19 Mar 11
  Noldi 17:58 19 Mar 11

BT quote from your link,
"In some countries outside the EU a conventional sticker is required even if you have euro-plates, so it is always safer to display one".

Is Switzerland classed as EU in this case????.


  Noldi 18:01 19 Mar 11

"But if you go outside the EU, and that includes Switzerland, you need a GB sticker as well".

Your link answers my question.


  morddwyd 20:12 19 Mar 11

Just a word of warning if you do use a sticker.

They should only bear the letters GB and nothing else.

The ones bearing an AA or ferry company logo are technically illegal.

It would take a particularly bloody minded policeman to take action, but is has been known.

I had friends done in both Belgium and France.

  Quickbeam 20:40 19 Mar 11

I bought a GB sticker from the AA shop in '97 to go to my nieces wedding in Italy. On the peel off part it said 'do not use on Rolls Royce or Bentley motor cars'. I never could fathom out weather it was because the adhesive would react badly with Rolls Royce paintwork, or whether Rolls Royce were too snooty to want their cars having an AA sticker on?!

  Noldi 07:39 20 Mar 11

"It would take a particularly bloody minded policeman to take action, but is has been known".

I will be going to Italy via the Gottard tunnel because I have to pick some things up in Switzerland. I have to go through the Chiasso border crossing well famous for being picky to charge or fine you for the smallest thing, Basel border crossing is not a lot easier.


  morddwyd 09:28 20 Mar 11

I've heard this about the Swiss too.

Best you get a nice plain sticker then, and have all relevant documents, and some you consider not so relevant, to hand!

Don't forget that lights are compulsory in tunnels (in most states, not just Switzerland).

  mrmillimetre 12:52 20 Mar 11

I have never had any trouble at the swiss border at Basel or Chiasso with the eu numberplate symbol the swiss although not part of the eu do have a certain connection and cooperation pact with the eu so you should be ok you will have to buy a motorway sticker at the border

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