Gas prices likely to rise again

  jakimo 13:05 12 May 08
  barca1 13:08 12 May 08

Oh well no more luxuries for me this year is the price of petrol going up soon,oil prices ROCKET up past $120PB....they'll make a grown man cry...

  Stuartli 13:43 12 May 08

Energy prices likely to rise again.

Now there's a surprise...:-)

Thanks to StayWarm we pay a fixed amount each month for gas and electricity - the price per month actually dropped when the contract was renewed in April, from £91 to £74.

  birdface 16:08 12 May 08

Of course they have to put the prices up to recoup the money from giving all their customers 4 free energy saving light bulbs.Is there anyone out there that still uses British Gas.

  peter99co 19:10 12 May 08

I see that they are still advertising for more mugs (customers)on the TV channels!

  Grey Goo 20:28 12 May 08

Cannot see why gas price is linked to the price of oil.

  Stuartli 20:38 12 May 08

All the energy companies have been offering means of saving on costs - instances include E-On providing low cost energy bulbs in Morrisons, a similar offer was made at Tesco (energy saving bulbs 1p each!) and free loft and/or cavity wall insulation.

We've had the latter done by PowerGen (now E-On), stocked up with bulbs from Morrisons and also got 20 bulbs at 1p from Tesco.

It's all down to Gordon Brown when he was Chancellor; rather than the Government give us back some of our hefty taxes, he threatened potential windfall taxes on energy companies if they didn't offer such freebies or perks.

  Colin 20:41 12 May 08

The way things are going I'll have to cut down on the luxuries like bread & shoes.

  peter99co 14:47 15 May 08

The gas company has just suggested I pay £39 per month for Gas. I was paying £12 per month. A figure they set last year. I used to pay £23 per month previous and felt ok about it. Do you think they know what they are doing?

I will not be using much gas in next 6 months but I think the system they use to balance my payments is unaware that Winter and Summer are different seasons of the year

  Cymro. 15:52 15 May 08

When the Tories denationalized the gas industry people were quick enough to rush out to buy their shares. Still at least we now know where all the profit is going to.

  wiz-king 16:44 15 May 08

If they found him Sid must be laughing now.

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