gangsters funeral

  sunnystaines 09 Sep 11

should sky be showing the funeral of a criminal that carried a loaded gun. I think sky should should get their morals in order and stop from giving it coverage treating him as a celeb

  lotvic 09 Sep 11

Must have missed that. Who, Where, What?

  sunnystaines 09 Sep 11

on sky news they are showing lots of coverage of the funeral of the gangster shot down in tottenham by the police force

  gengiscant 09 Sep 11

AS this was the guy whose shooting dead by the police caused the subsequent riots and the distinct possibility of trouble with the funeral of said guy, then coverage by any news agency is to be expected.

  lotvic 09 Sep 11

Oh, that funeral. It's on all the news channels not just sky.

Can't comment on the 'gangster' description and the investigation is still ongoing, we don't have all the facts and probably never will.

  Joseph Kerr 09 Sep 11

Well said lotvic.

  lotvic 09 Sep 11

fourm member, tell that to the Judge when PCA is sued for libel

  Flak999 09 Sep 11


tell that to the Judge when PCA is sued for libel

Who by? You can't libel the dead!

  wiz-king 09 Sep 11

Not as good a turnout as for either of the Kray's.

  Flak999 09 Sep 11


Not as good a turnout as for either of the Kray's.

He was hardly in the same league! Just a small time drug dealer by all accounts.

  lotvic 09 Sep 11



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