Gadaffi's wife and daughter gone to Tunisia

  Graham. 00:12 19 May 11

Saw it on the BBC news ticker tape. A welcome holiday for them.

By the way, don't call him Colonel, he isn't one.

  Quickbeam 00:31 19 May 11

For a holiday...?

  morddwyd 07:30 19 May 11

"don't call him Colonel, he isn't one"

What makes you say that?

He can make himself anything he wants to, just as the Queen is Colonel in Chief of some of our own regiments.

  Quickbeam 07:56 19 May 11

I believe that Price Charlie went to the recent wedding as a Vice Admiral, that take dressing up to another level!

  spuds 09:30 19 May 11

Wasn't there a black King of Scotland a few years ago, and very few challenged the fact ;o)

I do believe that same person ended up their retirement days in Saudi Arabia?.

And as for "Gaddafi's wife and daughter gone to Tunisia", is this really important news, because I am sure many other 'dictators' families are in very similar situations, yet warrant very little media or public attention!.

  Graham. 09:38 19 May 11

I was just concerned they'll end up in the same hotel as I did in Port El Kantaoui.

We left postcards and cash for stamps, but none were posted.

  Woolwell 11:20 19 May 11

Quickbeam - Not a Vice Admiral but a full Admiral yet another level!

  Condom 15:31 19 May 11

And this is the same gentleman who didn't have enough O levels for officer entry yet still managed to become one. Maybe he might even call himself King one day!!!

  Colonel Graham 18:12 19 May 11

I've promoted myself to Colonel. You may address me as Sir in your replies.

  wiz-king 21:04 19 May 11

Surely you spelt that wrong, cur.

  OTT_B 21:19 19 May 11

The problem, Colonel Graham, is that you have made yourself a legitimate military target. If you had called yourself President Graham, then you would be head of state and therefore it would be illegal to target you.

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