Fuel Tax ....

  Grey Goo 20:44 21 Oct 08

There is speculation that the suspended fuel tax hike may be reinstated as the piggy bank is well and truly empty.

  laurie53 20:46 21 Oct 08

Of course.

Petrol is down so we can all afford it.

  WhiteTruckMan 20:50 21 Oct 08

falling fuel prices mean I buy less fuel, because I don't want to fill up when it could be cheaper next week, so I buy just what I need rather than fill up.


  DrScott 21:57 21 Oct 08

do you think GB criticised the oil companies for being slow about bringing down prices?

The earlier they do that the earlier he can increase fuel tax.

It has nothing to do with supporting the british public - though his party would like you to believe otherwise.

  spuds 22:51 21 Oct 08

An increase is definitely on the cards for next April, if todays media reports are anything.

Last week there was mention of below the £1.00 pump prices. Doesn't appear to have reached our area yet :o(

  newman35 22:58 21 Oct 08

98.9p where we are just now, Morrisons.

  DANZIG 08:10 22 Oct 08

97.9 @ JS in Huddersfield!!!

  Grey Goo 10:29 22 Oct 08

It was still 102.9p at Sainsburys Sevenoaks on Sunday - saw it as I drove by with 2 fingers raised.

  spuds 10:39 22 Oct 08

103 to 106 around our area yesterday. But of course, if you buy more than £50 worth of groceries, they will knock 5p a litre of their fuel prices, so I suppose it could be stated that it might be below the £1.00 mark at some forecourts :O(

  The Brigadier 11:18 22 Oct 08

This government would tax going to the loo if they could!
Lets bring back the Window Tax!!

  donki 11:19 22 Oct 08

I dont think our fuel prices will stay below the £1/lt mark, the government seems to think that the public is symply used to the idea of paying the higher amount. So if prices continue to fall GB will simply increase tax to keep the prices over £1/lt.

My train ticket has just went up to :(.

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