Fuel Shortage

  ulrich 17:20 19 Apr 08

In Scotland now that the refinery in Scotland is closing down for a month or more. I bet this spreads to England and guess what the prices will go up again. This was just on BBC news.

  laurie53 19:58 19 Apr 08

It's only a short strike, two days I think, but because of safety shutdowns it's expected to seriously disrupt petrol supplies over all of Scotland and much of Northern England for up to a month.

  sunny staines 20:39 19 Apr 08

thats the week i drive up to scotland for a short break. hope dont get stuck for fuel while up there.

  ulrich 06:31 20 Apr 08

Sunny Staines the problem is a 2 day strike, plus a week to shut down and up to or more than a month to start up, it will evidently affect the North of England.
I am glad my Tesco is doing the 5p off offer on petrol again.

  €dstowe 07:19 20 Apr 08

Isn't there something wrong that Scotland and northern England depends on the output of a single refinery?

Is there no facility for piping fuel from other refining sites for redistribution?

What a gift for those of a destructive inclination to know that they can paralyse northern Britain merely by disabling a single installation.

Or is this all hype?

  tullie 09:04 20 Apr 08

Here comes the panic,just like Christmas shopping,or any other time when supermarkets are closed for a day.

  Quickbeam 10:43 20 Apr 08

surely it's a cash shortage to buy it with that's the problem...

  DANZIG 12:04 20 Apr 08

Reports of impending fuel shortages I view as a kind of self fulfilling prophecy.

Reports appear in the media, so everyone rushes to the filling stations to get as much fuel as they can - hence causing a shortage.

2 or 3 years ago when this panic buying hit, my road was jammed solid for hours - there was a petrol station at the top of it.

Utter madness.

  ulrich 20:34 21 Apr 08

I suggest the FE closes this thread from yesterday as someone else has written one today.

  ulrich 20:36 21 Apr 08

Posted on wrong one, so many.

  sunny staines 03:09 22 Apr 08

postponing my holiday to scotland next week till this petrol saga dies down.

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