Fuel pricing

  Chronos the 2nd 15 Apr 13

Something I read yesterday got me thinking. Can anyone explain why fuel is priced at say £139.9 a litre when 0.9 is not legal tender? And why the minimum purchase is usually 2 litres so if you wanted only a litre you could not actually buy it?

  cruiser2 16 Apr 13

Many years ago, I was told that items were priced at 99p instead of £1.00 was so that the cashier had to open the till which would record the sale. If it was £1.00 the cashier could pocket the coin. It also applies to other total such as £4.99 etc. I always pay at the kiosk. Never use the card reader at the pump. On a slightly different tack, went on Sunday to buy a paper at a local store. Tried to use the self service till. Had the correct change. But it would nopt accept my pound coin. One of the staff came and it would not work for him. He had to get two 50p pieces and use those instead. I did not have any more money with me. Thought afterwards it could have been a conterfeit one.

  interzone55 16 Apr 13

You would almost never buy a full litre, rather you buy 30.1L or 52.8L, so you pay 30.1 x 139.9p or 52.8 x 139.9p. Obviously they wouldn't be able to charge 139.9p if petrol was sold in litre bottles.

It's just the same for electricity, 14.1p per unit or whatever

  bumpkin 16 Apr 13

People seem to be concerned about about a fraction of a penny here. Bearing in mind that the pump will never be 100% accurate in the amount of fuel dispensed anyway it hardly seems worth bothering with. I do understand Chronos point though.

  alanrwood 16 Apr 13

Just as another example I have renewed my electricity contract at 10.1 p/KWh so pricing in fractions of a penny is not unusual.

  Aitchbee 17 Apr 13

If garages were to reduce their prices periodically [by 5p-a-litre, say for example, at weekends between 3pm and 4:30pm ... the time when most football matches are taking place, t'would make it worth while to take advantage of this oppurtoonity to 'fill-up'? [Off subject slightly, Chronus the 2nd, but I hope it's close enough.]

  sunnystaines 17 Apr 13

bring back gallons, ever tried to fill to an exact amount in pounds the pumps always stop at one penny over

  interzone55 17 Apr 13

Bring back gallons?

That'll be popular when the price boards start to display £6.35 per gallon.

Why do you think they switched to litres in the first place?


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