Fuel price hike hits September 1st

  TopCat® 16:33 18 Aug 09

For those not yet aware, there will be an increase in fuel duty next month, courtesy of our beloved chancellor. Another rise is forecast for January 1st 2010 when Vat reverts back to 17.5 percent - assuming there is no additional reason(s) to increase it further. click here

As we all know, any fuel increase has a massive knock-on effect for food, travel and housing costs, to name just a few. TC.

  Chris the Ancient 17:00 18 Aug 09

Thanks for the timely reminder.

I will fill to the brim before the 1st.

  interzone55 19:52 18 Aug 09

"For those not yet aware, there will be an increase in fuel duty next month, courtesy of our beloved chancellor."

Are you suggesting any other chancellor would act differently?

Seeing as all MPs have travel expenses reimbursed, they have no clue how the average citizen (or should I say subject) struggles to pay for daily amenities (see Alan Duncan for proof), so they don't seem to realise how a simple 2p rise in fuel duty has a devastating effect on people who can barely afford to drive to work...

  sunnystaines 22:03 18 Aug 09


  ened 06:47 19 Aug 09

Where's the fuel lobby when you need them?

If haulage firms were in difficulty before surely they must be in dire straits by now?

  crosstrainer 07:23 19 Aug 09

Oh dear, I knew it was coming, but forgot about that VAT hike / replacement. Good job I don't drive much these day's.

It seems that around here the price of Diesel and petrol; are almost identical....Sadly, my car would not enjoy being filled with it :))

The VAT restoration is going to have large, knock on effects on many things. Food prices will rise (they already have, despite what HMG may say)

  laurie53 09:13 19 Aug 09

Every cloud has a silver lining (for some) and this is good news.

It will put the inflation figure up, and the September inflation figure is used to calculate next year's pension increase.

  TopCat® 12:12 25 Aug 09

Bringing this to the top once more and closing with just six days to go before the inevitable price rise.

May the government have some mercy on our ever shrinking wallets! TC.

  oresome 18:24 25 Aug 09

This is the first of many tax rises, irrespective of the party in power.

There's a massive hole in public finances, so you might as well get used to it.

  ened 06:07 26 Aug 09

Thanks for the reminder.

I guess I had better fill my cars this week although it hardly seems like saving money at £1.05 a litre!!

  wids001 14:12 26 Aug 09

Thank god the tories aren't in power. Based on George Osborne's proposals to reinstate the fuel tax escalator petrol would now be £1.58 litre going up on September 1st by 10p litre!

What short memories we have. It was this government that abolished the last governments' fuel tax escalator and for 3 years cancelled the annual tax increase (when Brown was chancellor).

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