Frontline NHS services face “mission impossible”

  oresome 10:10 19 Mar 17

The Government claims to be forever increasing expenditure on the NHS and we've had countless reorganisations.

A small increase in taxation announced in the budget was met with such opposition that it was reversed and large corporations are let off the hook in order to promote business.

So what's the solution? Do we need to put more money in or is the NHS an inefficient lumbering giant that needs radical surgery?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:24 19 Mar 17

Its probably "top heavy", too many managers running the "trusts" on inflated wages, with too little staff to do the ground work.

  Cymro. 11:33 19 Mar 17

So what's the solution? Do we need to put more money in or is the NHS an inefficient lumbering giant that needs radical surgery?

Well there is no complete solution is there and the sooner we all accept that the happier as a nation we will be. The NHS is one of the largest employers in Europe and so yes it is rather bound to be top heavy in management and such like. But there is no need to tip the baby out with the bathwater is there.

Whatever solution we suggest it is going to cost more money and the only place that money is going to come from is from taxation. So who is going to take the hit in paying more tax then? Personally I am not all that bothered where it comes from as long as the burden is spread as evenly and fairly as possible.

The NHS has it's problems but it would be surprising if it didn't considering it's size and complexity. All in all it is I think an organisation we can be proud of. I just hope we don't let the politicians wreck it.

  Govan1x 12:46 19 Mar 17

Just say for instance that we have had 10 million new immigrants in the last 10 years. And if they also use our medical facilities the expense of running the NHS has to go up accordingly.

Is it a case that the government do not mind collecting the Taxes from them but do not want to spend it on the NHS.

You cant expect to take so many Immigrants into the Uk and not expect consequences.

Of course there are other factors like people living longer etc.

You cant keep throwing money into the NHS as there are more important things like Trident or High speed trains etc to spend it on.

I know which one I would choose.

  Cymro. 13:07 20 Mar 17


go on then be a devil and tell us Govanix

  Cymro. 13:10 20 Mar 17

Right I shall try again then

I know which one I would choose.

go on then be a devil and tell us Govanix

  x123 13:42 20 Mar 17

HS2 or more funding for the NHS.

No choice. After having 3 operations in 3 months and seeing how all staff from surgeon's down to support staff work. They deserve anything that would ease their work and stress load.

  john bunyan 15:25 20 Mar 17

In spite of manifesto promises, I see no other option than a (hopefully small) increase in income tax. If needs be a 1% on the 40% band only. This needs urgent cross party discussion and support.

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