Frog to get its cumuppence

  Sethhaniel 14:51 29 Jun 05

click here

at last ????

I left the country for two weeks while it was in the charts so totally avoided it ;)

  wiz-king 16:42 29 Jun 05

The new one is even more catchy - that darn frog has recorded 'Popcorn' that was by Hot Butter first time round.

  Pooke 21:42 29 Jun 05

About time they where held to account!

My father decided to buy a ringtone, forget what it was but he ended up subscribed to the service and they kept deducting money from his pay and go mobile. Worst bit was he didn't understand how to get the ringtones, but still they took his money.

Once he informed me, I had to go the internet to find out how to stop his subscription which wasn't very clearly shown on the website!


  Pooke 22:06 29 Jun 05

I had been wandering what that tune was, cheers. Just found the original on someone's webpage, much better than the one with the annoying croaky sounds of crazy frog that's blasting out on the TV.


  Indigo 1 10:20 30 Jun 05

Their sales tactics (Jamster) were fairly obvious to me (and most other adults) but are not so obvious to under 16's. I think it's about time something was done about it.

I read somewhere (might have been this forum) that at it's peak, the frog ad was being shown 2000 times a day ! That's pretty hard sales tactics ! Not many children are capable of resisting such a barrage of aggressive advertising and once one kid on the block has it, they all want it.

The other side of this is that if it is being played relentlessly by every radio, TV and mobile phone in the country, it will soon get played to death and kids will move on to the next 'latest thing' and that is where Jamsters club steps in. They of course will have the next 'latest thing' and if you already subscribe then you will get it first (along with everyone else who subscribes) and so the kids are hooked.

I think that children should be protected from this kind of exploitation.

I feel sorry for the parents who have to pick up the bill for this lot.

  €dstowe 10:28 30 Jun 05

Can someone tell the advertisers that frogs don't have teeth, neither do they have a navel.

  Indigo 1 12:11 30 Jun 05

They can't ride motorbikes or play records either, or talk, sing, dance etc but they do sometimes have one eye bigger than the other.

  €dstowe 12:52 30 Jun 05

Ah but, I was talking about physical attributes, not talent!:-))

  Completealias 16:23 30 Jun 05

My favourite pic at the mo the crazy frog hangin from a noose

  smokingbeagle 05:47 21 Jul 05
  Sapins 09:09 21 Jul 05

Now listen you lot, I'm reporting you to the NSPCF, you don't have to listen to this beautiful, talented amphibian and you have no right to abuse him in public, it makes him hopping mad I can tell you. We love him and we hope he will produce hundreds of similar offspring who will charm us with their own versions of the top one thousand hits of this millennium before they croak and go to that great Lilly leaf in the sky.

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