French plane missing

  Seth Haniel 11:11 01 Jun 09

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Breaking news

  tein 12:17 01 Jun 09

Yeah ive just heard!
VERY worrying !
i do hope there ok!

  johndrew 14:34 01 Jun 09

All very strange. Something akin to the Comet disasters but with, apparently, a different cause.

Apparent turbulence, possible lightning strike, short circuit message then nothing. Given that turbulence is not exactly uncommon and aircraft do get struck by lightning, the `short circuit` message must either have resulted from some catastrophic failure in itself or led quite rapidly to something really major. I have no doubt that both Airbus Industries and the many air accident investigation teams around the world will be watching this with great interest.

The sad part is that an aircraft attempting to decrease altitude under control and to ditch in open seas is at a gross disadvantage. I fear the chances of anyone surviving is slim given the circumstances. On the positive side, we don`t yet know for certain as nothing has been found. I suppose it is always possible the aircraft lost altitude but headed toward and reached land. We shall have to wait and see.

  Forum Editor 18:34 01 Jun 09

are remote - it seems likely that the aircraft went down in the Atlantic ocean, and if severe turbulence was the cause it may have resulted in structural damage. Whatever the cause, too much time has passed without any news of a sighting for there to be much optimism.

I've been in aircraft that have been struck by lightning on several occasions, and although it's pretty scary it is common, and doesn't usually cause a problem.

I can't imagine the agony of relatives and loved ones waiting for news with their imaginations running riot.

  Forum Editor 18:36 01 Jun 09

said that British citizens were on the aircraft's passenger list.

  laurie53 20:42 01 Jun 09

At that height even falling straight down would allow time for a mayday.

Looks like total and absolute electrical failure, not very common, or sudden and explosive decompression, for whatever cause, which is not, unfortunately, unknown.

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