Smegs 01:43 07 Jul 04

Has anyone signed up to Wanadoo since it changed to Wanadoo? When it was Freeserve, in the top right hand corner of the IE page, there is a white box with "FS" and a blue stripe round it. Has this box changed it's symbol since becoming Wanadoo??

  deke 09:07 07 Jul 04

Mine just has an "f" in it , I cant tell you the colour of it as my monitor is wonky.

: )

  Smegs 11:37 07 Jul 04

Deke, thanks for that. I was just wandering if they had changed their logo.
I still have the "FS" in the corner, and it's Orange, with a Blue half circle round it. When you go to another web page, the Blue cirlce starts to revolve around the "FS".

  deke 14:48 07 Jul 04

mine just has an f in it and the half circle revolves when changing pages.
This must mean i am s less

: )

I have just thought if the s is orange or red i will not see it as my monitor is colour blind

  Smegs 15:09 07 Jul 04

I surpose, it's better than leg-less. The F is the same colour as the S. Bit strange that, you can see the F and not the S. It sounds like you have right problems with you're monitor.

  Smegs 15:22 07 Jul 04

crx1600, thanks for that. So they have changed the logo.

  deke 15:24 07 Jul 04

what colour is the wanadoo ??

  Smegs 14:01 09 Jul 04

deke, It's an orange colour with a black/blue like box round it, when you click to go to a new page, the box circles the "W".

  deke 14:28 09 Jul 04

Ah Ha I see it now as i have just plugged in my new dell monitor,So that's what colours look like.

: )

  Smegs 22:07 09 Jul 04

deke, I think you should get you're screen to the opticians(think thats how it's spelt).

  BIG ben strikes 10 16:37 10 Jul 04

OOOHH...i hate wanadoo.everytime im browsing on ebay there is a advert that is a picture of a piano and it plays a rather annoying tune.everytime i click on a item and click back it plays again.

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