morddwyd 16:39 13 Sep 09

I know that many forum users are, like me, users of Freecycle.

You may not be aware that there is a bit of a rift with the US parent body which has been sacking some UK co-ordinators who had been seeking some autonomy.

click here

Many UK groups are already setting up independently.

  kidsis 17:25 13 Sep 09

could this be why, when I tried to get on to my local group today, I received the message that the group did not exist?

  hastelloy 19:20 13 Sep 09

I now appear to be a member of Realcycle (from the end of August) and Freegle (from yesterday).

  peter99co 20:03 13 Sep 09

Is the Yahoo ID reqd option a problem?

Has anyone had any issues?

  jack 20:22 13 Sep 09

which they took over a few years ago.
It has its problems with mesage routing - sometimes I see a 'Taken' message and never got the offered one - a bit narked was I when a lappie was 'taken'
There are other free group forums shells around so it is simple to set up your own- but will take time to build you local audience - unless of course you have lots of local addresses.

  SimpleSimon1 22:57 13 Sep 09

The Newbury group has shifted to Freegle and all the messages appear to have been migrated as well.

Didn't know anything about the ructions until I followed the link and read the G blog. Personally, I use this to recycle my gear to local people rather than dumping it in a landfill. I don't need an American 'World Hierachy' to help me do that so I have no problems in continuing to use the Newbury group (whatever it is called), moderated by Newbury people, for Newbury people (and the surrounding villages).

As Homer would say, it all seems a bit "Duh"!

  jack 11:01 14 Sep 09

I notice also that an E-mail contact in France that is on Yahoo.Fr is bouncing back rather promptly.
That is to say if and when an E-m address is mistyped or plain wrong it will go out and round the circuit a bit before coming back - sometimes days later.
On this particular one it seems not to 'Go out' but tells me it is wrong straight away.
Are Yahoo going through a bad patch- maybe linked to their reported attempted merger with -who was it

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