realist 12:04 02 Oct 06

This was mentioned a few months ago but just a reminder you could finally get rid of the stuff you had no takers for at the boot sale...and you may find a few things listed there you could have a use any event it saves them ending up at the dump or worse
click here

  Diodorus Siculus 12:57 02 Oct 06

That's the way I get rid of anything of no use to me. It's amazing how popular it is around here (London) and so many people are so happy to come and collect.

Last week I offered set of bicycle lights and 6 emails came within the first 2 minutes...
Generally I offer things on a first come, first served basis.

I've never made an approach for something though so don't know how easy it is to get what's on offer.

  def90csw 13:58 02 Oct 06

A friend is one of the leading lights in it and has always tried to get me to sign up. Well i have now!
Thanks for posting it realist.

  Cymro. 18:28 02 Oct 06

I have signed up, rather a long winded affair. Although how much use I will actually make of it I don`t know.

  jack 20:40 02 Oct 06

Cymro -wrote
'Although how much use I will actually make of it I don`t know.'

When you see something you did not know you wanted and are salivating as you punch out your E-mail then you'll know

  dagbladet 21:22 02 Oct 06

No sorry can't be bothered with all that sign up.

"tell the group owner about yourself and why you would like to join the group (200 characters maximum)."

  realist 21:24 02 Oct 06

I think you'll find that's optional...but I know what you mean

  dagbladet 21:28 02 Oct 06

Not optional i'm afraid, spat me out.

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