'Freeconomist' to live moneyless'

  peter99co 13:48 29 Nov 08

click here

There may be a few of us trying this soon.

He made need to jiggle it a bit tho'

  Joe R 14:06 29 Nov 08

fourm member,

see what you mean, nothing like deep planning beforehand. :)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:43 29 Nov 08

The guy is a nutter, plain and simple.


  Forum Editor 16:25 29 Nov 08

to walk to India without spending money ended in Calais when his lack of French meant he could not explain his mission and he returned to Bristol."

I think that tells us all we need to know about this person.

  robgf 23:38 29 Nov 08

You cant live totally without money, some things just aren't possible with barter (dentists etc). However it is possible to manage on very little. Where I live most people are on minimum wage, or just over, but we do have a wide range of skills, as many carpenters, builders, mechanics etc, now work in warehouses, as cleaners etc, as there are few decent jobs remaining and manufacturing is now virtually all abroad.

So swaps are often made. I may do some gardening, or repair a machine, in exchange for some building, or decorating (which I hate).
We will also work together on larger projects, saving a fortune in the process.
So it is possible to a degree, to do what the chap intends. But it would be easier in summer, when more food is available.

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